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tv   America Live  FOX News  July 4, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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jon: you know his mother is so proud. molee line it's been great working with you. >> reporter: it's en a pleasure. jon: thank you for joining us. >> reporter: "america live" starts now. >> reporter: after six weeks of emotional, gut wrenching and at times bizarre testimony the jury in the casey anthony murder trial is deliberating whether the 25-year-old is guilty or in sent of murdering her two-year-old daughter caylee. welcome to "america live," in for megyn kelly this july 4th. i'm rick folbaum. >> reporter: the arguments were much like the rest of the trial. they were combative, and punctuated with recordings. here is linda drane burdick wrapping up the state's case against casey anthony.
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>> the way these remains were disposed of show complete, complete indifference to the child. it speaks volumes about how the person who disposed of her really felt about her. >> reporter: phil keating is outside the courtroom now there for all the action in orlando. all right, phil they have a lot of options here, the first one is capital murder which requires premeditation, and that is what the prosecutor wants. you were in the courtroom, you've seen this jury reacting all along, any thoughts? >> reporter: i would say this jury, and i've covered some trials through my career here seemed very a tentative throughout. at times at the end of the day maybe you'd see them rocking in their chairs. during the forensic evidence they seemed a bit bored.
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a lot of the jurors took down lots of notes. they are together. the alternates have been placed in a separate sequestration room. they will not be involved with the actual 12 jurors who have begun deliberations on the first degree murder charge and the others for casey anthony. take a look at the video happening about ten minutes ago outside of the orange county courthouse here in downtown orlando as the defense team of casey anthony, jose baez and jay cheney mason and the rest of the entire team walking out of the courthouse, heading across the street, not too far from the courthouse where they will have lunch right now, probably relax a little bit. it's been a very long three years for mr. baez, but check out the crowd. you have the boom mikes up, the fuzzy ends. you have about 30 media outlets have actually designated themselves to be inside the jury
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post verdict news conference that the court has set up. let's go through the counts right now. the most serious charge of course first degree murder. if this jury finds it was absolutely premeditated and worthy of the capital sentence she could then be stent to death row and she would be the 400th person on florida's death row. if they come back with no capital but first premeditated murder, she would get life with the possibility of probation down the line. if they go to second-degree murder, 16 years in life. a lesser charge than tt they give herrmann slaughter. that means she did not mean to kill little caylee. up to 15 years would be that prison sentence. then on the next count aggravated manslaughter of a child a maximum of 30 years on that. the next charge, aggravated child abuse, another maximum of 30 years, and then another four counts of lying to investigators, each carrying a one-year prison sentence. those are pretty much a given
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conviction since the defense clearly admitted she lied chronically throughout the past three years, but most importantly three summers ago back when she didn't tell anybody that her little daughter was missing, and then lied to investigators and her parents, and her family and everybody about this infamous fictitious nanny. inside the courthouse today as levels of allegations of a murder were being brought against her by linda drane burdick and jeff ashton, the prosecution team, casey anthony looked stoned faced staring across the room, sometimes shaking her head, sometimes grumbling to her attorneys. no tears like we s yesterday. there were a couple of moments when they showed crime scene photos of little caylee out in the woods and at those moments the defendant looked down at the table refusing to see the images on the monitors. >> reporter: this is one of the most watched trials in history and when they see casey's case,
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phil i'm curious and many people may be too, was she looking at the jury this whole time? >> reporter: sheould glance at the jury throughout the trial. for the most part she really followed the action, that being the attorneys and the witnesses on the stand, however, because at the beginning of this trial jose baez her attorney was worried about people in the seats, the spectators being able to look over the defense tables shoulders and see what notes they were taking or what was on their laptops they repositioned by swiveling 90 degrees the entire defense table set up. that made it more adjacent to the judge versus head onto the judge, the end result was the jury was directly across the room from the defendant casey anthony. so those jurors saw every single reaction, every tear, every break down, and there were many of them in this long six i've week trial, gripping and gruesome testimony many times. but this jury always saw every tier, every shrug and every
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somebody that came out of casey anthony's being. >> reporte what may be going on with the jury and what is ahead coming up in the next two hours. >> reporter: it's up to 12 florida residents to determine whether casey anthony is guilty of murder. here is a closer look of what we know about the jury. it's made up of seven women and five men sequestered since the trial started on may 24th, that is 41 days ago. one is unemployed. two are retired and the others hold jobs ranging from a h-z fill education teacher to a service republican for verizon. while there are usually two alternate jurors there are five on stand by in this case. two women and three men. they have been sequestered and have been in court every day. >> reporter: coming up in a bit we'll talk with judge alex ferrer, host of judge alex. he served as a judge in florida's criminal court system
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and appellate court system, also a former police officer. we'll talk to him about the key factors for the jury as they make their decision, could be today. >> reporter: a fox news alert now, a search is underway right now off the coast of mexico after a fishing boat carrying american tourists capsized in rough waters. at least one person is confirmed dead. it happened off the coast of mexico's baja peninsula. between six and eight others are said to be missing. more than 44 people were on the boat. more than half the people on the boat american. the u.s. coast guard working with the mexican navy in the search for these folks. stay with us as we follow the developing story on fox. >> reporter: police in indiana are checking to see if a body found is the body of lauren spierer. they say a woman's decomposing
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body was discovered floating in a creek in indianapolis on sunday. an autopsy planned for tomorrow mourn. we will bring you all the latest details. >> reporter: switching gears now, a new twist on dealing with our ocean of red ink. texas senator john cornyn said they might accept a mini deal. that may have the government not default on the loans when they come due. he also makes clear that the idea is only a short-term fix to buy time. >> the problem with a mini deal is we have a maxi problem. and the big problems aren't going to go away if you cut a mini deal. it just delays the moment of truth. i would say better noun then, but if we can't we'll take the savings we can get now and
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relitigate this as we get closer to the election. >> reporter: he also talked about concerns that people have that the president will bypass congress all together and just raise the debt level on his own. we'll have a fair & balanced debate on why some democrats say that may be their best option. that is coming up. also republicans who are running for president being asked to sign a strict commitment to reducing our debt. this is called the cut, cap and balance pledge, and those who don't sign their names are feeling the heat. doug mcelway is live in washington with 0 more on that. >> reporter: you're going to be hearing a lot about this plan to cut, cap and balance as the senate resumes its work tomorrow after the july 4th holiday. you'll probably hear a lot about it as the republican primary season heats up as well. some pundits say it may prove to be a valuable litmus test for the candidates. it would impose immediate spending cuts to reduce the deficit by half next year.
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it would bring spend nothing line with average revenues at 18% of the gdp and require house and senate passage of a balanced budget amendment to the constitution that includes a spending cap at 18% gdh and a super majority requirement for tax increases. one of the interesting things about cut, cap and balance is that it bypasses a presidential veto. >> constitutional amendments are voted by the congress and by the ste legislatures, and the president of the united states has no more to do with a constitutional amendment than molee henneberg or myself. >> reporter: only michelle bachman and jon huntsman have not signed the pledge. bachman says she's mulling it over. huntsman says he prefers the balanced budget amendment as a stand alone issue. what are the chances of its passage? the house, very good. not so good in the senate where democrats hold a majority. some supporters are very optimistic. >> it's going to pass both
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houses and i will certainly not vote to raise the debt ceiling until we structural lee change the way this down does business. the only way we can do that is to force politicians to act. if it goes to the states it's not going to take four or five years. the states will move quickly to jump on something like this. i think we'll have it within a year or so. we've got to pass it out of both houses. >> reporter: the balanced budget amendment component of this would require the ratification of two-thirds of the states, that is not an unrealistic goal. the biggest hurdle is getting it through the democrat if i can dy controlled senate. >> reporter: my year is on molly henneberg. every day of the year i'm with molly, thank you very much. >> reporter: vice president joe biden is on the attack going after republicans for going after unions. >> the new republican party has undertaken the most direct assault on labor, not just in my lifetime, but without any high
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hyperboly since the 1920s. >> reporter: he calls the republicans a whole new breed of cat. >> reporter: new developments in the a manned a knox trial in italy. what just happened that is giving knox and her family new hope that she could soon be free. >> reporter: "america live" takes time to salute our flag and service members this 4th of july. ♪ america, america, god shed his grace on thee. and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea. ♪ from sea to shining sea.
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rick: a pretty stinging speech from vice president joe biden doing an appearance speaking to the national education association, one of the nation's largest teaching unions. the vice president blasted what he called the new republican party, take a listen. >> the new republican marty has undertaken the most direct assault on labor not just in my lifetime but without any hyperboly literally since the 1920s. this new republican party, and i emphasize, this new republican party has a different philosophy. this is not your father's republican party, this is a different breed of cat. rick: joining knee now is david webb who is a radio talk show host and co-founder of tea party
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365. always good to see you. >> any time, rick, happy birthday to our nation. rick: well said. does the vice president have a point about the republicans and unions? >> you know what i'll changed the word new to the reformed republican party, rick. let's look at the animal we are dealing with. the nea which is one of the top five donors to the democrats by about 80% over $36 million since 1990, that's the report according to open secrets, there is no secret there. they get democrats elected to give them these huge pensions and these huge benefits that we can't afford any more, that states can't afford, and now that the purse strings are being cut, you know, states actually the people of the united stas, the people in those states are asking them to come to the table and have parity with the private sector. we need to have in this tough economy real solutions, not political calculus. rick: so the vice president was speaking to the teachers union.
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this union representing teachers, and this white house have not always seen eye to eye, maybe this was an attempt to make nice, and he was very well received there. but he calls this an organized effort. at the same time we are seeing republican governors in wisconsin, in ohio, in new jersey who are actually trying to chang the way that union workers are treated. so, again, my question, does the vice president have a point here? is this organized on the part of the republicans? >> it's organized in a way, rick, based on the facts of the economy, and yes, on the republican party. i'm proud of the republican party that sto up and said, we have got to have real solutions here, real solutions at the state level. the fact is the federal government can no longer afford to bail out the states. governors do have to balance their budgets. and now they realize that it's no longer legislative math that let's them say we have a balanced budget. for ten years or so the states have done this and here we are.
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look at the pension eye little costs in new york state, in wisconsin, in new jersey. by the way, notice the unions don't go after democrat particular governors like governor andrew cuomo. we have to look at this as a state play and national strategy on the part of the unions. let's take the union at their word. the nea, former general counsel bob shannon said in 2009 that we have power, and i'm paraphrasing. rick: right. >> because they have millions of members who will give them their support to go out and support liberal democrats. the democrats turn around, they givehem these benefits. this is not how our political system is supposed to work. rick: let me switch gears with you. we have about a minute or so left. we heard from former president clinton over the weekend speaking out in colorado. sort of hand capping the 2012gop field. here is who he likes. he says he likes jon huntsman.
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he says mitt romney is a better candidate this time around than he was four years ago. he also said that michelle bachman a much better candidate than he thought she would be. my question for you, david, does it help or hurt these republicans to have bill clinton saying nice things about them? >> i don't think it hurts them, i think this is bill clinton playing to his base. trying to be the centurist player to his base. president obama is more left of center than democrats that may be more independent. bill clinton will help them appeal to the independents. it doesn't hurt the candidates. it's the president clinton play of saying, oh, by the way he's a centurist. his economic stimulus has failed by the numbers. the federal dollars aren't in many states any more. bill clinton kind of handicaps and tries to gloss it every.
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rick: david webb, us views of david webb, and the cofounder of tea party 365. good to see you then. >> reporter: outgoing genal david petraeus spending his last year in uniform. we are right there with him. coming up in two minutes. rick: who war vets return to one of of the most famous battles in history. we'll speak with one shoulder and his journey and what he hopes people learn from it this 4th of july. >> i didn't think i would break down. i've been through a lot of different areas than this. you know, and i've always been good at it, i could handle anything, you know, but, oh, god seeing this -- oh -- i can still
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rick: here is a nice story today, a huge victory for an american war hero this july 4th. a retired u.s. army chaplin winning his fight to fly the american flag on a flagpole on his own front lawn. he was told by the homeowners association where he lives that his flagpole was violating the property rules. the rules state a flag can only be attached to the home. now that fight is over. the association decided to let the veteran run old gory up his flagpole after all. >> reporter: really? rick: really. >> reporter: a final salute to the man who led our praops on the battle field in gans. general david petraeus is
1:26 pm
spending the 4th of july there in uniform. thinks next job is to run the cia. before moving on he sat down with a one-on-one interview with fox news. dominic dnatalie. >> reporter: jaime, he spent the last eight out of the eleven independence days since 9/11 either at war in iraq. he said america did what it set out to do after 9/11. and that is to go after al-qaida itself and try to eradicate it as an organization. there is one thing he pointed out to me and the fact is that the problem is by no means over. take a listen. >> that task has been accomplished, but of course it is threatened, because of course the taliban allowed al-qaida on afghan soil when it ran the country, and we believe that
1:27 pm
there is a high likelihood that that would happen again. >> reporter: also, he pointed out that there will be ahift in the focus of the battle here in the coming months, moving from the south up to the east. they are sending in more special forces to the east where we're seeing taliban militants come over from pakistan. they are going to send in more helicopters and they are going to send some more heavy equipment. he was trying to say this wasn't a change in strategy, more a realignment of troops. the taliban was kicked out of the east and they are trying to get back. he said from this point on that will be the focus. when he joins the cia he will have to deal with the problem that is pakistan itself. relations are at an all time low between the two countries. he didn't appear to have a clear strategy of how he is going to do that. that will be his number one job and task when he gets back to washington. >> reporter: from one come phra indicate job he goes to another. thanks so much. rick: quick break.
1:28 pm
when we come back talk about fireworks, or the possibility of them. a constitutional end run to break the stalemate over raising the debt ceiling. some democrats think president obama should actually bypass congress and hike america's credit limit all by himself? is that a good idea, is it legal? a fair & balanced debate is ahead. >> reporter: the jury in the casey anthony murder trial, it's over and they are in deliberations. judge alex ferrer breaks down for us what the jury is probably doing right now as we await a verdict. >> whose life was better? that's the only question you need to answer in considering why caylee marie anthony was left on the side of the road dead.
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jamie: a big day. the jury in the casey anthony trial in deliberation for just over an hour. a live picture of where the jury will go to speak to the media after they reach and deliver their verdict. we heard a passionate argument from prosecutors detailing casey's life. we have a judge who served in criminal courts, appellate courts and a former police officer. good to see you, judge. we saw that jury box. >> i'm a former judge, though.
1:33 pm
jamie: we saw that place where they will go after. it's not the jury room. when they are in the jury deliberation room, however, where do they start? do they stt with the most serious charge and instructions or start with a lesser charge and build up? >> i think jurors do it differently in different cases. some might dive in and go for the most serious charge. i with next this case they would go to the smallest charge of lying to a police officer because those are the no-brainers. they would nail those four right away, then move on from there. those misdemeanors. jamie: they can't even talk to each other until they reach the jury deliberation case. when they take the seats we are looking at live after their verdict, what do you think we'll learn from them?
1:34 pm
>> reporter: let me start by saying this. judge perry is probably having a heart attack about the setup for the jurors to speak. no judge wants jurors after they deliberate and they finish to start giving interviews. not because of any necessity far was reason, they are just afraid of what will come out of their mouths. they say something that the defense lawyer latches on to and there is a motion for a new trial saying this juror indicated something that shouldn't have been consider in the jury room and all of a sudden you are eight weeks of trial go out the window. but they have a constitutional right to do that. and it looks like we'll hear from all of them. i think we'll learn about how their relationships were. who the foreperson was we'll obviously know as soon as they stand up and announce it and we'll learn how the deliberations went. did everybody agree or did some people hold out for different
1:35 pm
positions? and how did they reach a decision ultimately. jamie: what about sentencing? when did that take place if she is convicted? >> it depend on what she is convicted of. if she is convicted of first degree murder they will be a penalty phase. that will probably last maybe three days i would guess. then the jury will deliberate to determine life or death as a recommendation. in florida the declaration does not have to be unanimous. florida is the only state in the country that allows a recommendation for death to be something other than unanimous. they can recommend it by 7-5. if they do recommend death. the judge will have a hearing for the lawyers to tremor argument and he will take his time to make his decision and make a sentencing order he will read from the been at a future date. if they come back with a
1:36 pm
sentence of life he will impose a life sentence on the spot and that will be it. jamie: if we get to that point i expect impact statement from her family members in terms of trying to spare her life. great to see you. rick? rick: there are some new reports suggesting democrats would like president obama to break the stalemate over the debt ceiling by relying on his own constitutional powers. this coming as both parties appear to be digging in their heels. supporters point to the 14th constitution. which says in part the validity of the debt of the united states including payments for pensions.
1:37 pm
0 democrats agree that could support the president's raising the limit without getting congressional approval ahead of time. doug schoen is a former pollster for former president bill clinton. happy 4th of july. let me start with you. can you imagine president obama doing this? what if he does? >> i can imagine him doing it. he has trampled on the constitution before with the creation of the czars. or administration edict. i can see him doing it. but one side go ahead and do it. it will let the republicans off the hook. the other part says don't do it because you are exceeding your constitutional authority. but either way they are losing by even appearing to invoke the 14th amendment on this when the president as a senator and also fans yesterday himself as a
1:38 pm
constitutional scholar, he never questioned it as a senator. and he invoked it by going to congress to pass a bill which he signed to raise the debt limit. rick: he did lecture on the consequence stiewker to university students in illinois. someone else who knows about the law is a senator from texas. john cornyn who was on "fox news sunday." he used to sit on the texas state supreme court. here is what he had to say about that. >> that many crazy talk. it many not acceptable for congress and the president not to do their job and to say the president has the authority to then basically do this by himself. rick: is this a political winner for the president if he does this? >> senator cornyn said he was open to a so-called mini deal to raise a little revenue by cutting tax loopholes.
1:39 pm
do the $2 trillion in spending cuts. but they have already been agreed to and extend the deadline on the debt, 6, 8 months. ife can't get a bigger global deal onxtension of the debt limit and subject standing reduction of spending and raising revenue that the democrats and republicans keep it end up happening? the president said we made concessions on our side. you made none on your side. i'll be the adult here in the room and i'll make sure seniors keep getting their social security payments. the medicare payment keep getting dolled out. all of which would go away if we defaulted on our loans. >> if the president were to invoke the 14th amendment.
1:40 pm
i think he does it at his peril. the gop won't be blade for it. if anything the gop is standing up to principle. the problem is not revenue and taxation. we are taxed plenty. we just spend too much. republicans have been willing to come to the table on spending cuts. this white house hates and the president has sub contractors his presidential authority to others. it's just not what presidents do. the president must lead on this and a deal will be made if the president rolls up his sleefs and gets to work. rick: is this part of a newer and fiestier president obama as he gets ready to really dig in and run for another term? >> i don't think so. this is an option thats been thrown out as a trial balloon. on the 4th of july we are all americans. we ought to coming to, pay our bills. try to find common ground so we ultimately all lose if we have the blowup or standstill that we
1:41 pm
have been discussioning. rick: thanks for coming on the holiday. enjoy the rest of your day. jamie: the u.s. coast guard is searching for missing americans after a tourist boat capsizes in the pacific ocean. rick: returning to normandy. we'll speak with one veteran about his emotional journey and what he hopes people learn from it coming up. >> it doesn't feel like it's been 67 years, does it? >> i was fine until i got here. i can see it. i can see it. horrible. it's absolutely horrible. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein! really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. new ensure high protein...
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1:45 pm
for one group of veterans in particular the memories were given new life when they returned to norman day. while 67 years have passed. the raw emotion made it feel like yesterday for some as this documentary shows. watch. >> i don't feel like i'm a kid again. >> reporter: it doesn't feel like it's been 67 years. >> i was fine until i got here. i thought i could handle it. and i have up to this. it's really got me. oh, jesus. >> reporter: you realize how proud everyone is of you. you know you did it. >> i don't know. not me. all the millions of guys that
1:46 pm
died here. thousands and thousands of them, god almighty. oh, i can still see it. oh, jesus christ. yeah, i can see it now. i can see it. it's horrible. it's absolutely horrible. rick: now that group of veterans is back home and they are sharing their stories. joining us is one of those heroes, retired tech sergeant. thank you, sir.
1:47 pm
>> you are welcome. rick: we saw in that short clip this is not an easy trip for you. >> no, sir, it wasn't. rick: what was the most difficult part about it? >> the memory of coming off of that surf. seeing all the dead bodies around me. i didn't know write could help with another man and do some fighting. rick: we heard you have say i sight of. what did you see? >> you can visualize. if you are there you can see the bodies laying in the -- on the beach. the waves, everything. it just reallier to me up. i normally don't. but they sure did there. rick: you were 18 years old when you arrived at omaha beach?
1:48 pm
>> yes, sir. rick: how did that experience and those that followed, i know you served in europe after world war ii. how did that experience change your life for better or worse. >> i think probably better. i was just a fun raising high school senior. and that sure did change me, i'll tell you. rick: how so? >> well instead of partying and wants to go have fun, i had to get serious and look out for my fellow man. which i tried very hard to do. rick: what do you think about the sacrifices our men and women in uniform are making right now as they are engaged in a war pretty much that began right after 9/11? >> well, it's tough. it's different circumstances.
1:49 pm
they aren't facing armies. they are facing people that are hidden. it's just a total different situation than it was when we were there. rick: any advice this july 4, stir, for those who are serving or those who have served or have loved ones who are serving? >> i don't know what you can tell. just hope to heck that all those boys that are over there now come home. safe. and hope the wives are stand by them whether they are injured or whether they aren't. you hope they aren't. but if they do, mainly you want them to come back. hopefully in good shape. rick: what about for all americans. hopefully folks are out there enjoying this holiday with
1:50 pm
family and friends. on july 4, what advice do you have for americans. what should she stop and think about today? >> it's kind of difficult to say. i'm planning on with the neighbors on our particular block, we are going to have us a nice peaceful party. we are going to have so za "today" pop, brats, potato salad, all that good stuff. and just going to take it easy. everybody there is flying a flag. just show some patriotic like overseas people are very patriotic. they honored us, and i find in this country you don't have all that. you do to a point, then there is nothing. rick: donald allen.
1:51 pm
thank you for your service, sir. happy 4th of july to you and your loved ones. we'll be right back. you could save a bundle with geico's multi-policy discount. geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance. ♪ geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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jamie: there are several developments in the case an american student accused of killing her roommate in italy. >> reporter: one was a slander trial for amanda knox's parents. that has been put off for several months because the judge had to remove himself. knox's lawyers are trying to stop a film from airing. a lifetime film. that had to be adjourned because nobody from lifetime * showed
1:55 pm
up. what could be a game changer for amanda knox is the independent dna report scheduled to be discussed at the end of this month. it looks like it's showing to be a major victory for the defense in the original trial in which knox was sentenced to 26 years. the defense long maintained the dna tests on the different materials there in the house were faulty. it looks like this independent review will show that to be the case. while things seem to be looking up for amanda knox and her former boyfriend, very little consolation for the family of meredith kurcher. the family has never bought into the defense argument that it was a third man, he was also convicted in this case from the ivory coast who acted alone in
1:56 pm
this murder. finally it's interesting. it will be interesting as this case wraps up. there will be a couple hearings in july then probably adjourned in september when it comes near to an end. amanda seeing a lot of hope. in the meantime she is going to turn 24 later this week. this is the birthday for which she has been in jail. rick: a possible break in the case of a missing indiana student. lauren spierer *. jamie: a live picture of where the jury in the casey anthony case will go to speak to the media after they reach and deliver their verdict. rick: the president's campaign team latching on to his recent news conference taking aim at
1:57 pm
republicans. >> they are in one week, they are out one week. then they are saying obama has got to step in. you need to be here. i have been here. at bayer, we've been relieving pain for over 100 years. and today, we're re-inventing aspirin for pain relief. with new extra-strength bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles so it enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief right to the site of your tough pain.
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rick: a fox news alert. casey anthony's fate notice hands of the jury as 7 women and 5 men begin their first day of
2:00 pm
deliberations to decide whether this young woman is guilty of killing her own daughter or her death was an accident that snow bald out of control it's a brand-new hour of "america liv live." jamie: great to have you with us. i'm jamie colby. th>> during an argument where te most well documented liar ever seen in a courtroom accuses everybody of perjury, of fraud, of lying. the irony is rich indeed. as we have come to find out, accusing others of lying.
2:01 pm
it's classic casey anthony. rick: phil, this was the prosecutor's chance to rebut the prosecution's closing argument. what was the central theme. >> reporter: to turn this jury back to where they began at opening statements. and leave the courtroom and head into the deliberations room with the memories of the phone calls casey anthony made. the lies she told her family and her clear disdain for her family and disregard for her own daughter caylee who had been missing for 31 days as they played those audio tapes that were such crushing testimony during the trial. how big was the departure of her defense attorney san jose baez and the rest of his staff? take a look. after a 6-week long very lengthy
2:02 pm
trial with massive amount of evidence, a sequestered jury, and for jose baez, three long years on this case. he was hired the by casey anthony when she was first pro versussed in the orange county jail. that was charged with lying to investigators. he's been with her all along. this was certainly the case of his entire career. taking a look at the prosecution and the defense closing arguments. inside the courtroom today casey anthony the defendant pretty much sat stone faced staring off into the distance as she listened to linda burdick. she called her a narcissistic
2:03 pm
killer. her father in the courtroom was wiping tears as they were showing who were the real victims in this case. who benefited, who lost when it came to the death of caylee anthony. the defense raised the issue maybe she died accidentally in the swimming pool three summers ago. the lead prosecutor basically ridiculed that and launched into one of these memorable quotes. take a listen. >> whose life was better? that's the only question you need to answer. in considering why caylee marie anthony was left on the side of the road dead. there is your answer.
2:04 pm
>> reporter: burdick pleaded for this jury to use their common sense. nobody turns an accidental death, a drowning and stages it into a murder scene. and certainly if that was the case, somebody who wanted to get out of jail, out of prison would have come around with that accidental drowning story 2 1/2 or 3 years ago. but yesterday to recap what jose baez did during this epic closing arguments. he pointed out all of the inconsistencies and the holes that remain unsolved in the entirely circumstantial case presented by the state of florida because now 25-year-old casey anthony and he vilified the father of casey anthony as being complicit in the death and disposal of a 2-year-old girl. >> this man doesn't have an
2:05 pm
ounce of paternal instinct in him. not an ounce. he got up here on numerous occasions and almost with a bit of joy testified against his very own daughter. i don't know a taughter in the world who wouldn't fall on the sword for his child. >> reporter: the jury has been deliberating 90 behin0 minutes 2 hours. they could come back with the death penalty for a full acquittal which could have casey anthony released in short order. back to you. rick were thank you, phil. jamie: taking a look at charges casey anthony is being tried on and what the jury is considering. the most serious one is first degree murder. she could be sentenced to life in prison for the death penalty.
2:06 pm
anthony also facing charges of aggravated manslaughter and child abuse and also lying to law enforcement. rick: right now a desperate search is on to find survivors of the deadly tour boat accident that happened off the coast of mexico's baja peninsula. an american tourist died when it capsized during a violent storm. thank you very much for dereking the time. what can you tell us about the search for these people. >> good morning. they just started a search. we are seeing the mexican navy in a search for at least 6 people, possible as many as 8. we are working closely with the mexican officials where we are
2:07 pm
looking to search the waters and hopefully find some survivors. rick: what can you tell us about the condition of the water where the boat capsized. >> it capsized 60 miles south of and if hsan till phillipe. so our -- rick were these people are hopefully in the water awaiting their rescue. what is the water temperature like? how long can somebody do okay in those waters? >> there are different parameters for survivability in the water. everybody's body reacts differently to different water
2:08 pm
temperatures depend opening physical fitness and air temperature. so there are a lot of factors that go into survivability. i don't want to speculate on their chances. but i have a koi a coast guard w out there. and we'll be sending another coast guard crew in the search. rick: coast guard petty officer pamly baylan on the phone. thanks for the update. jamie: a tug-of-war over a proposed pipeline. the oil comes from the u.s. ally canada. yes, where we are. looking to expand the keystone pipeline so it snakes from canada to the gulf coast. but even with soaring oil prices there is still plenty of opposition. james rosen is joining us live to tell us about it.
2:09 pm
report environmental concerns clash with economic ones as the u.s. seeks to import more oil. the transcanada corporation operates a pipeline that funnels crude all from sands field in alberta, canada to illinois and oklahoma. coseen xl would run parallel and stretch from alberta. they caution about the sturdiness of this pipeline and the so-called life cycle emissions found in oil sands. >> we have been concerned about this project. it will pump some of the dirtiest oil on earth down from canada. it will increase pollution in communities surrounding the refineries. >> reporter: the study found
2:10 pm
it would pose limited adverse environmental impacts. jamie: let me ask you about that impact. if it's being looked at seriously, what would it mean for america's energy supply? >> reporter: according to energy sources it would mean 830,000 barrels of crude oil being transported to the u.s. per day. the spokesman for the oil industry said it would generate $24 billion in revenue for the u.s. government and create 20,000 jobs. >> the government of canada has stringent environmental controls on the production of oil sands. and the process is for extracting oil sands are improving all the time. secondly in the united states we have the cleanest and most efficient refineries in world. so who is better fully capable
2:11 pm
of utilizing the crude oil coming from canada's oil sands region? >> reporter: the state department is expected to rule on the project by year's end with input from a dozen federal agencies. rick: the president adopting get-tough attitude during this news conference last week. mr. obama taking aim at republicans in the debt crisis. why this may be the sign of a new strategy in his reelection campaign. jamie: a badge, a gun and the new push for cops to wear wearable cameras. rick: "america live" saluting our service members this 4th of july with a look at photos troops have sent to the support our troops facebook page. take a look.
2:12 pm
2:13 pm
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2:16 pm
jamie: police in indianapolis have found a badly decomposed body of a woman near fall creek. they are going to be in contact with investigators who are investigating the days appearance of lauren spierer. but the indianapolis police department says is there not enough information to determine the age, race or identity of those remains. the coroner's office will determine the cause of death and possible identity tomorrow. rick: a stung new way to bring criminals to justice. police officers are being armed with tiny video cameras attached to their uniforms. video is often used as evidence in court and the technology could catch on with other police
2:17 pm
departments across the country. hi, elizabeth. >> we all know that police forces across the u.s. are facing very suffocating budget constraints, which is why one police chief in walls, mississippi, found an affordable backup. take a look. >> reporter: police officers are armed with more than just guns and badges. >> i call it my silent partner. we are what small department. there is one or two of us on at a time it's good to have that extra set of ears and eyes. >> reporter: quurt i of a tiny clip-on camera. it cost $60 and it's about the size of a pack of gum. you heard the saying anything you say to a police officer can be used against if you a coast law and they take that warning
2:18 pm
seriously in mississippi. every word i say gets record and can be played back before a judge. so far the video cameras have not been challenged in court. >> i had a stop where the person denied everything that happened. they honestly did not know what happened that day. he pled guilty before he went to court. >> reporter: the cameras relieve the pressure of shrinking budgets. for a small-town police chieft many money well spent. the chief went on to say these cameras give him peace of mind knowing every even cowan center is recorded. he says it's safety for the members of the community in walls, mississippi, but also the members of his force. rick: elizabeth, thanks. jamie: a shocking he can motion is caught on tape.
2:19 pm
watch this. a car blown sky high as a bomb squad officer opens the door. who set this bomb to go off. rick: the shuttle atlantis is scheduled to go off his week. [ p.a. announcer ] announcing america's favorite cereal is now honey nut cheerios! yup, america's favorite. so we're celebrating the honey sweetness,
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2:22 pm
rick: nasa's final space shuttle
2:23 pm
launch is just days away. atlantis is set for liftoff friday morning. it could have a big impact on the florida economy. 700,000 jobs are coming to an end. the housing crisis hit this state very hard. it could be bad for those who have to move or sell their homes. but hotels are bracing for one last wave of shuttle spectators. we'll have full coverage with shepard smith, the entire fine mission. jamie: president obama's reelection campaign capitalizing on his testy news conference. the campaign wring, quoting with in case you missed it the president held a press conference. the last few minutes were something special. here is what they are talking about in case you did miss it. >> if everybody else is willing
2:24 pm
to take on their sacred cows and do tough things the in order to achieve the goal of real deficit reduction, and i think it would be hard for the republicans to stand there and say that tax breaks for corporate jets is sufficiently important that we are not willing to come to the table and get a deal done. jamie: will this work? susan estrich is joining us from los angeles. happy 4th. jamie: the president isn't the only one jumping on this. a lot of democrats in leadership and in the campaign are saying listen to them. this is what he needs to say. what do you think the impact was of those statements? >> one sets of statement doesn't have that much impact. but if this is the message for right now at least, i think it's a good message. you try to paint the republicans
2:25 pm
into a corner where there is a party of the tea party and there is a party of rich corporate interests. and meanwhile you see the president appeal together middle and i think doing a little to at least appeal to his liberal base which has been complaining a lot. jamie: we talked about whether the president will use the 14th amendment to raise the debt ceiling on his own. we talked about the fact there may be more taxes for wealthier americans. i want to ask you the base that you say he needs to secure, how knowledgeable are they about possible patdown? if you tax the rich, do the poor end up paying whether it's with jobs that are lost or otherwise? >> i don't think increasing taxes is the first step for any president. i'm old enough to remember when fritz mondale said whoever is elected the next president will raise your taxes.
2:26 pm
he won't tell you i just did. it's a great line. what i think they are trying to do is paint republicans in a corner where they are the party of no. the party of corporate jets. the party that would force a tax increase because they won't cut their own constituents. jamie: in terms of spending. you look at the report last week about the stimulus. a report that came from the council of economic advisors. hand picked individuals by president obama released on a friday afternoon of a july 4 weekend. a lot can be read into that. don't you think? the results in particular, $2.4 million jobs were created. let me get the numbers right. at a staggering cost of $66 billion. that cost each taxpayer in our nation $278,000 per job. >> you would be better not to
2:27 pm
work. if he can get unemployment down, then the rest of it almost doesn't matter. boik has no problem that a reduction in unemployment wouldn't effectively serve. as to the money they will say these are just the first wave of jobs and the jobs will continue. 278,000 per job. tell me what you have think of the timing of the release of the report. >> you and i know if you what to have a big impact on the public, i'm saying this in total irony. the friday of the 4th of july weekend might be the time people are paying the least attention to politics. if you have got good news you put it out during week. if you have news you want to sink you always put it out friday afternoon.
2:28 pm
jamie: on this we report. our viewers can decide. take care. rick: affordable healthcare. right where you work. more and more companies are skirting skyrocketing healthcare costs for their employees and providing easier access at the same time. jamie: the jurors in the casey anthony murder trial have been given the case. they have their instructions. here are final words from the lead prosecutor they heard today. >> i do not under any circumstances mean this as an insult. my biggest fear is that common sense will be lost in all of the rhetoric of the case. >> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off th freeways, all right?
2:29 pm
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2:32 pm
jamie: the suspect in a brutal shooting rampage shot dead inside a home outside philadelphia. s.w.a.t. teams stormed the house after negotiation wtds suspect fail. a 43-year-old man and a toddler were shot and killed by the gunman. three others critically injured. the son of moammar qaddafi says western nations launching strikes on his country could soon become targets. he says his far it is ready to declare a cease-fire and declare a new constitution. william and kate are continuing their north american tour. they are on prince edward island today. they leave for california on friday. rick: london paying tribute to ronald reagan. the monument that the great
2:33 pm
communicator -- gregg? >> reporter: he wasn't born on the 4th of july, but he was born 100 years ago this year an was a patriot. why not unveil a statue to the late president ronald reagan. it has become a tourist attraction already. we have seen a lot of crowds since its unveiling. it sits in front of the u.s. embassy. no taxpayer dollars -- rick: we had an audio problem with gregg palkot's report from london on the unveiling after statue to honor the 100th year since the births of ronald reagan. gregg palkot reporting for us today.
2:34 pm
jamie: after sitting there for nearly six weeks of testimony, we are after he waiting a verdict until casey anthony murder trial. this jury has been deliberatinged the days case for two hours. while the defense says caylee drowned in a family pool. the prosecution says the facts don't support that theory citing everything from the forensic evidence to casey's behavior. >> what do guilty people do? they lie. they avoid. they run. they mislead. not just their family, but the police. they divert attention away from themselves and they act like nothing is wrong. let's talk about what may be
2:35 pm
happening in that jury room right now. steven racer is a former prosecutor. a former defense attorney and kimberly guilfoyle, welcome to all of you. let me talk with you, tom, about what may be going on in the jury room. the judgment instructions were clear, but they are complicated. and they have 35 days that they sat there to process all this information. how do they do this? >> first of all you are right. there is over 7 counts charged against casey anthony. it was over a month long trial. jury instructions are very complex. they raise specific, time consuming. iting through then, you can see jurors and attorneys shifting in their chairs because it's a litany of language that needs to be read to the jurors before they are sent to the jury room to deliberate.
2:36 pm
would you probably start seeing maybe not necessarily today, but when they come back tomorrow, depending on how long they are out for. is to start the request, certain readbacks of testimony. and different people have different opinions as to whether they are requesting readback, is that better for the defense or a good signer to the defense or do it show they are looking to convict on everything. jamie: the defense said that the prosecution didn't show how caylee died. and the prosecutors said the only thing the jury needs to decide is who took her life. which is it. >> the prosecutor is correct. they don't have to show the exact method of they are death. but what the defense is pointing to is a difficult issue for the prosecutor. what you are puftsing forward to the jury is basically that the coroner doesn't know how she died. the prosecution is saying that they do. that does not give a real sense
2:37 pm
of confidence to the jurors. the jurors are not going to feel confident about this case until they are confident at the cause of death. so, yes, it is a huge element. technically is it necessary? no. what the prosecutor did here. they provided the jury with motive, opportunity, and in addition to that, consciousness of guilt based on casey anthony's actions after the death of her child. they have enough for a conviction here clearly. jamie: on the left you are looking at the room that when the jury renders their verdict they will be brought here to talk to the media. something we talked with judge alex earlier about. the -- they don't -- the judge, they don't really want the jurors to talk. you learn something that happened in the jury room that could throw the whole case out of whack. two questions i have for you. do you think that the defense attorney is reconsidering whether or not they should have considered a plea?
2:38 pm
we don't know if one was offered. but how nervous are they? >> reporter: they should be nervous in the case. the exposure for casey anthony is quite high. she is looking at 30 years behind bars and the judge has a number of sentencing options available to him. i don't feel the prosecutor was willing to make a plea bargain in this case. they felt this was appropriately charged as a first there they gave two different theories which the jurors could reach a first through the felony murder charge within meaning that if you believe casey anthony committed aggravated child abuse, a felony that qualifies as a first she is eligible for the death penalties. the prosecutors did a great job of explaining that today. jamie: tom, we know at one point casey wasn't read her miranda
2:39 pm
rights. no one has really talked about that for a while. it was parts of her questioning not necessarily the one gnats related to the statement that the prosecutors use in the rebuttal where she refused to admit it was an accident accidents and came up with this theory. what do you see if she is convicted of the stiffest charge or perhaps manslaughter that might come up on appeal? >> i think there are other issues that would be the basis for appeal. first of all, miranda -- a violation of miranda rights results in a suppression of any statement. nothing more, nothing less. before you can show there was a violation of miranda you have to show it was custodial interrogation. whatever statement was or was not admitted as a result of a proposed miranda violation i doubt that will sway the jury. i think what you will be looking for on appeal is possibly ineffective assistance of counsel for giving that come thg
2:40 pm
statement and utterly failing to deliver on it. in closing he can't even refer to that because you can't refer to things in the closing statement that weren't parts of the testimony and evidence in the trial. jamie: i practiced in florida florida, and i got to give a report card to this judge. but i want to ask your opinion, too. boy, did he keep control of this courtroom. he moved this case along. even work saturday and sunday after holiday weekend, even today. what do you think? >> it's completely appropriate and you are right. he kept the parameters clear in this case the whole way through. he made sure things were not going to get out of control. he made sure he spoke to prosecutor and defense attorney and appropriately threatened them so things did not get out of hand. as far as work over the weekend and through the holidays that's appropriate in this type of case. you have to do that because you have got to focus the jury on
2:41 pm
the importance of the issue at handle. absolutely. everybody wants to have their time off. you want to celebrate independence day. but most important thing in this case and in everybody's life in that courtroom right now has got to be getting to the truth and rendering a verdict. jamie: the judge still has to decide if he will reprimand those attorneys. great to have you here, thanks so much. rick? rick: we forget about the wait at the doctor's office. how your boss may be about to make it easier for to you get that checkup without leaving work. jamie: check this out, what was caught on tape. it wasn't a trick, though.
2:42 pm
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2:45 pm
gym incredible information on video that you have seen. watch this. we showed it to you earlier because this took place in thailand friday. a bomb squad officer was thrown several feet in the air after a car rigged with explosives ignites just inches from his face. here is another age from the surveillance camera. the he can motion comes just after another car blew up a few feet away. the far is back on his feet in just seconds.
2:46 pm
it's incredible. we couldn't believe it. six other officers were injured in the blast. it shredded the white sedan. it was one of three suspected attacks by muslim militants leading up to the country's presidential elections. rick: major employers eager to curb growing healthcare costs are opening their state of the art health centers. for more let's bring in a board certified cardiovascular surgeon. i know you like this idea. why? >> my earlier days i was a heart surgeon. the last 15 i have dealt with preventive immediate season and anti-aging. i have two centers. heart, diabetes and weight loss. these are the three areas that are killing us. high blood glucose, high cholesterol, how blood pressure and inflammation. you doesn't feel any one of
2:47 pm
them. they are a heart attack and stroke waiting to happen. rick: bringing specialists like yourself in house. you have think more people will get checked out and therefore get the kind of treatment they need to prevent some of these conditions you are talking about. >> i just managed my own practice because it' it's people don't have time to take a day off. i deal with a lot of elective things. if you have a heart attack or chest pain you are going to come in. but people are not going to come in. in the article in the "l.a. times" they pointed out this available right next your desktop. the other thing is with men, we'll get to women in a minute. women have this thing, it can't happen to me. we have an epidemic of diabetes, obesity and heart disease. looking as the those four
2:48 pm
things, you don't need a super specialist. get your blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol checked. rick: there are critics of this idea even though it's in practice where there are a lot of the workers. there are people who think the quality of care is not as good. there are also people worried about privacy. you know, you might not want your personal medical diagnoses shared with zok doctors on the pay rofl your boss. >> i would trust the private companies. who i wouldn't trust is the government. what they are trying to do with medicare and doctors is investigate us. they want to send spies into our offers. i don't think it's an issue. if you find diabetes i don't think they will say we are not hiring you. the major companies have a lot more integrity than that. and the thrust of this should be prevention. and being a preventive you can
2:49 pm
stop heart attacks, strokes, and cardiovascular. kind enough to join us on the 4th of july. thanks very much, doc. jamie: if you are headed to the beach anytime soon you will need to pack more than just the sunscreen and beach bag. why your community sun may not be a freebee any more. say it ain't so. looking good! you lost some weight. you noticed! these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios... five whole grains, 110 calories.
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2:52 pm
rick: there are new calls for southern california to secede
2:53 pm
from the rest of the state. they proposing 13 counties declare themselves a new state. he blames governor jerry brown for raiding local budgets to support his spending. jamie: this 4th of july many americans will getting to for barbeques. others go to the beach. but fun in the sun isn't free anymore. heathe>> if you are heading oute beach in connecticut, new york or new jersey you will need more than sunscreen and a beach towel. the states charge just to dip your toe in the water. while florida, the carolinas, california and hawaii, those are some of the states that offer free fun in the sun. the battle is heating up in new
2:54 pm
jersey. state officials want to rewrite public access rules to give more control to individual towns along the shore. they require towns seeking breech replenishment fund to offer access points every half mile along with marking and restroom facilities. beachgoers fear it will further limit beach access to outsiders. the state says it would give shore towns more flexibility. >> governor christy is bringing his class warfare to the jersey shore. hes saying people who own property on the beach have the right to exclude the public and it's illegal. >> it allows home rule. we know our property here in the town better than the people in trenton. and we are trying to make it better. when you hear somebody say we are trying to decrease access, that's just strictly
2:55 pm
demagoguery. that's not happening. >> they say it has more to do with the distance went access points. tourism is a $35.5 billion industry. and most beach town charge anywhere between $5 to $12 a day for a beach pass. regardless of how long you are on the sand or in the water. that not too bad. it's $5. jamie: you don't get an umbrella or cold drink with it. we'll have more in a moment. stay with us. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein! really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'?
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>> large numbers of jelly fish are washing up in the daytona beach area with 700 reporting stings so far this weekend. but they are not keeping everyone out of the water. >> nothing keeps you off of the beach? >> nothing. >> a burning sensation and a red rash on your skin. usually it is pretty minor but it is irritating. >> it hurts especially if you are little. >> i don't lick -- like it. >> the wind and country are bringing the jelly fish to
2:59 pm
shore. >> early start to the fire works in new york city. police setting off 5,000 pounds of confiscated fireworks launching several crackdowns to keep them out of the hands of amateurs. they were blown up at a firing range. the marry mined new yorkers how dangerous they are and encouraged everyone to watch the big show along the hudson river. >> many of our brave military spend the holiday far from their families to protect our freedom. troops in afghanistan celebrate the 4th of july with general petraeus, his last holiday in uniform before becoming the director of the c.i.a. and we thank all of our troops and their fells -- their families and troops for their sacrifice. >> thank you for watchingod


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